What Drives me to Capturing Beauty through Photography

I have always had a passion for photography from a young age it was always a hobby. With personal growth and maturity I journeyed into Motherhood. I am now a mother to two Boys Irish twins 2 & 3 years old. Hard work but totally worth it. This was when my passion for photography took a new interesting adventure. Capturing the beauty in my children drove my passion further. A new found appreciation of family photographs developed through capturing my two boys grow. To document their growth and ever so changing character has become extremely important to me. Realising that family Photographs with time is sometimes all we have to spark those memories. I decided when my first born was 1 years old that I wanted to make a career of my renewed found love for photography most importantly for my children but it was something I enjoyed and loved doing. This was a huge decision returning to college with a 1 year old and a 1 month old. After completing my interview for a place on the HND Photography Course at Southern Regional College, I gained confidence that I had the skill and positivity to manage home life working life and college life. The Tutor who interviewed me Ian Bowles ensured me that if I was hardworking and dedicated I would achieve anything. With the support of a Loving partner who has worked overseas for 4 years. This journey wasn’t going to be easy. Anything worth having never is.

As I approach my Final Major and exhibition in Millennium Court, Arts Centre, Portadown. I am not only Proud of my journey and struggles this past 2 years im appreciative to everyone who has supported me and encouraged me. While I have had many moments where I felt that I needed to give up. I looked into my boys eyes and everything was always as clear as crystal. These boys are my world and everything I do I do it for them. They are my inspiration and always will be. There has been many days of tears, exhaustion and self-questioning. I have worked my Butt off for 2 years meeting tough deadlines and producing outstanding professional photographs along with A3 supporting workbooks and balancing working and family life, which anyone with children will know isnt always easy.

I will be Graduating with an HND in Photography. I am currently working self employed whilst also being employed on a dementia ward as a care assistant. Family is extremely important to me and if I can give back those beautiful memories to treasure forever I feel that I have a achieved something worthwhile. upon reflecting on these two years I have photographed my children many many times, and they never get bored of mummy annoying them with my camera, They now have their own cameras. Whilst I have thousands of photographs of my boys I have realised that nearly all of them I am behind the camera. It is important that as a mother I capture their special moments. However, it is also important that I exist in those photographs for when they are older they are not going to care about my confidence body issues or whether my roots need done or face needs freshened up all they will care about is reminiscing over photographs and having photographs of us together. One day it will be all they have. So my challenge to you is, when you book me to be your photographer for your children, Please be prepared to exist in your childrens memories so they too can reminiscence one day over the many means and forms of capturing beauty at LTP. My challenge to myself is to exist in my childrens photographs. I am begining a personal project on the 2nd June to have one portrait a week achieved over the course of 52 weeks (1 year) be that studio lifestyle or location. Stay tuned for those weekly Updates.



LTP Capturing Beauty

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