Making Memories With Charlie

Today I woke, with a lasting thought that I do not have any professional photos of my dog Charlie.. Charlie is a German Shepherd Rescued dog. I rescued this boy when he was just a pup. The first time I walked up through the kennels to choose my forever dog they were all quiet, but when I reached charlies kennel he was shying away to the back of the kennel and then suddenly he dived towards the gate and growled and the loudest barking I had ever heard. I quietly said to my dad, “this one but you hold his lead until he warms to me” slightly panicked by his aggressiveness yet I knew he was the one for me. Growing up with german shepherds the breed I was very familiar with I knew I had the dedication, devotion and love to show him. Its amazing the bond that developed immediately after I saved him from being put to sleep. I still remember that journey home as we made him a little bed in the boot of the car with the parcel shelf off. Only for charlie to bust down the back middle seat armrest slide through the small opening (he was so poorly malnutrition and simply a bag of bones with countless matting) and parked himself firmly between my dad and myself for the journey home His smile as wide as can be. He felt safe. I made him feel Safe. His aggression was a cry for help. First few weeks with Charlie were difficult, He was extremely unsettled in his new homely environment. He was scared and frighten and didnt like men at all. If you waved your hands at all it sent him into a mad state of panic. With alot of hard work and dedication on both my part and his, you would never think he was a rescued dog. Charlie has always had that immense love for me as do I for him. Charlie unfortunately suffers from diabetes and epilepsy this is controlled by tablets. He is mainly kept indoors due to this as the risk of hurting himself outdoors is too great . Charlie when he is outside during the day he is very protective and guarding towards myself my boys and my home. One great thing about having a Dog is that they are so lovable and devoted. They are your best friend and they will always listen when know one else does. Charlie can pick up on emotions and he knows how to comfort you even on days your feel your world is crashing down. Without Charlie life would be boring. So today we made memories!  Forget a dog is a mans best friend- a dog is a womans best friend. Charlie ❤

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