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Session Fee is £60 payable upon booking and is non refundable. This secures your date and time for your session and allows for 1 hour of shooting time. This can be used for Sitter children or family portraiture. A gallery of 15-20 images (may include black &white) are delivered for you in an online password protected proof gallery. This is when you choose your package. There are packages to suit every budget. Please contact me to have a package tailored to your needs. Contract and Booking forms can be found on the website. Mini session package- coming soon.





Loneliness. What is Loneliness? Is being Alone different to being Lonely. Recently I have explored Loneliness for my Final Major. This is a Subject very close to my heart. Having a safe place is something I can relate to. Sometimes those that smile the hardest have battles you might not be aware of. For me my Loneliness was associated with being isolated or somewhat feeling isolated. Being lonely is not a primary mental health condition however it can be a symptom of poor mental health or somewhat impact on your mental health. My loneliness developed a few years ago after I fell deeply madly in love. The bond I had with my now Fiancé was somewhat empowering. Our love grew intense and fast for each other. He left Home to work overseas.  Thoughts of insecurity. Feelings of being lonely scared me. I questioned myself. How can I do this with out the other piece of me? From this day, I became somewhat emotionally disconnected. I love him more than life. I loved with every inch of my body.  I loved him I was madly in love, I could never imagine my life without him. The deep seeded Loneliness emotion was battling with me.  I was afraid to show my love. I was afraid to just let go and live in the moment. The lasting thought always stayed with me. The Days and nights passed in-between the time he was at home. Now We Have two Beautiful boys. Whilst they give me hope they give me strength they encourage me everyday to grow. When My Fiancé is not around I still call on my “safe place” when my boys are tucked up into bed. I cradle myself and I cry harder than I ever thought possible. Night time is the worse. Knowing your getting into bed and your one love is not there with you. That feeling of emptiness. Having him to talk to in the evenings about how my day has been. How I’m feeling. The simple things that most relationships take for granted. To have someone come and take over and give you a break from being a hardworking full time mummy. To share the duties of looking after a home and a family or as simple as having someone tell you put your feet up il make you a cuppa. I appreciate Everything this man does for me and my boys and he has been such a supportive fiancé encouraging me to develop as a photographer. whilst he provides me with all these words of encouragement and being the support that I need. Being lonely and feeling isolated can affect those even in the biggest of crowds. When he came home he would often do everything to make me feel special shower me with love. I remained disconnected. I was becoming hard to love. I resented the fact that he was working away from home. Having his week to himself and full nights sleep. Being able to nip to the shops on his own. Whilst I was struggling balancing everything and trying to find a little me time even to get my head down for an hour. I always had this smile on my face an appeared to be the strongest person of all my friends. But inside I was crumbling. Behind closed doors  I was battling this feeling of being lonely and just needing him to be here to take the pain away. After battling these emotions for a few years I finally opened up to him. I needed to not only for myself but for my children. I told him how the feeling of being unhappy alone and isolated was taking over. I would cry myself to sleep every night just to feel a release of the emotions building inside me. I told him that I needed him home. Not for what appears to be selfish needs but for my family to survive. The distance was always a battle for me I thought I would of been stronger than this. After a lot of discussions and many rows by both of us. My Fiancé is coming home. My feeling of being lonely is slowly leaving me as the date gets closer I can feel myself getting stronger. I still need my “safe Place” from time to time and this is okay. this is nothing to be ashamed of. For me now, talking about how I’m feeling with my Fiancé and walking him through my emotional journey has brought us closer. He can never empathise with me how this journey has been nor can i emphasis with him how his journey has been. However, we appreciate that it hasn’t been easy for either of us. We have had bad days as most do. probably more than others, But what keeps us strong is looking ahead and focussing on those better days to come. Those who can weather the storm. Psalm 55:6-8 And I say, “If only I had wings like a dove, I would fly away and be at rest. Yes, I would go far away. I would live in the desert. I would hurry to my safe place, away from the wild wind and storm.” Matthew 8:26 He replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm. There is always light at the end of the tunnel sometimes some of us have to go through difficult times to reach that shining light. Never Give up.

Engagement Shoot

Engagement shoots Available.
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Engagement packages available. Email lindsey-

6th May 2017, I met with Paige and Fiancé Cristoir @ Lurgan Park to capture some special moments to cherish their engagement. The Sun was very Harsh but The images Captured were beautiful. Paige’s aim was to capture the scenery within her photographs.  Engagement shoots are always more relaxed when we take a walk with the camera as I would say. We walk and talk, get to know one another, this allows the couple to relax. Paige and Cristoir will be returning to LTP-Capturingbeauty, For a styled specialist practice shoot. Stay tuned.


This little lady was my very first newborn. She is now turning one. Mum was extremely worried that the shoot wouldn’t go to plan but I reassured her that from experience with sitter sessions majority of the children enjoy the new experience and play to the camera. It is all about making your little one feel relaxed. Here at LTP-Capturing Beauty, my aim is to make the experience a fun filled enjoyable one in a friendly homely environment. I pride myself in taking time with your little one to introduce myself before commencing the shoot. I make the experience enjoyable. I sing songs I dance I blow bubbles and I find their tickles. All of these important interactions between myself and your little one helps to bring them out of their shell so that I can capture them at their best to represent their true character. Lindsey Taylor Photography – Capturing Beauty has specialist training in photography to ensure that the day goes smoothly. Email me for further information in booking your session.


Making Memories With Charlie

Today I woke, with a lasting thought that I do not have any professional photos of my dog Charlie.. Charlie is a German Shepherd Rescued dog. I rescued this boy when he was just a pup. The first time I walked up through the kennels to choose my forever dog they were all quiet, but when I reached charlies kennel he was shying away to the back of the kennel and then suddenly he dived towards the gate and growled and the loudest barking I had ever heard. I quietly said to my dad, “this one but you hold his lead until he warms to me” slightly panicked by his aggressiveness yet I knew he was the one for me. Growing up with german shepherds the breed I was very familiar with I knew I had the dedication, devotion and love to show him. Its amazing the bond that developed immediately after I saved him from being put to sleep. I still remember that journey home as we made him a little bed in the boot of the car with the parcel shelf off. Only for charlie to bust down the back middle seat armrest slide through the small opening (he was so poorly malnutrition and simply a bag of bones with countless matting) and parked himself firmly between my dad and myself for the journey home His smile as wide as can be. He felt safe. I made him feel Safe. His aggression was a cry for help. First few weeks with Charlie were difficult, He was extremely unsettled in his new homely environment. He was scared and frighten and didnt like men at all. If you waved your hands at all it sent him into a mad state of panic. With alot of hard work and dedication on both my part and his, you would never think he was a rescued dog. Charlie has always had that immense love for me as do I for him. Charlie unfortunately suffers from diabetes and epilepsy this is controlled by tablets. He is mainly kept indoors due to this as the risk of hurting himself outdoors is too great . Charlie when he is outside during the day he is very protective and guarding towards myself my boys and my home. One great thing about having a Dog is that they are so lovable and devoted. They are your best friend and they will always listen when know one else does. Charlie can pick up on emotions and he knows how to comfort you even on days your feel your world is crashing down. Without Charlie life would be boring. So today we made memories!  Forget a dog is a mans best friend- a dog is a womans best friend. Charlie ❤

What Drives me to Capturing Beauty through Photography

I have always had a passion for photography from a young age it was always a hobby. With personal growth and maturity I journeyed into Motherhood. I am now a mother to two Boys Irish twins 2 & 3 years old. Hard work but totally worth it. This was when my passion for photography took a new interesting adventure. Capturing the beauty in my children drove my passion further. A new found appreciation of family photographs developed through capturing my two boys grow. To document their growth and ever so changing character has become extremely important to me. Realising that family Photographs with time is sometimes all we have to spark those memories. I decided when my first born was 1 years old that I wanted to make a career of my renewed found love for photography most importantly for my children but it was something I enjoyed and loved doing. This was a huge decision returning to college with a 1 year old and a 1 month old. After completing my interview for a place on the HND Photography Course at Southern Regional College, I gained confidence that I had the skill and positivity to manage home life working life and college life. The Tutor who interviewed me Ian Bowles ensured me that if I was hardworking and dedicated I would achieve anything. With the support of a Loving partner who has worked overseas for 4 years. This journey wasn’t going to be easy. Anything worth having never is.

As I approach my Final Major and exhibition in Millennium Court, Arts Centre, Portadown. I am not only Proud of my journey and struggles this past 2 years im appreciative to everyone who has supported me and encouraged me. While I have had many moments where I felt that I needed to give up. I looked into my boys eyes and everything was always as clear as crystal. These boys are my world and everything I do I do it for them. They are my inspiration and always will be. There has been many days of tears, exhaustion and self-questioning. I have worked my Butt off for 2 years meeting tough deadlines and producing outstanding professional photographs along with A3 supporting workbooks and balancing working and family life, which anyone with children will know isnt always easy.

I will be Graduating with an HND in Photography. I am currently working self employed whilst also being employed on a dementia ward as a care assistant. Family is extremely important to me and if I can give back those beautiful memories to treasure forever I feel that I have a achieved something worthwhile. upon reflecting on these two years I have photographed my children many many times, and they never get bored of mummy annoying them with my camera, They now have their own cameras. Whilst I have thousands of photographs of my boys I have realised that nearly all of them I am behind the camera. It is important that as a mother I capture their special moments. However, it is also important that I exist in those photographs for when they are older they are not going to care about my confidence body issues or whether my roots need done or face needs freshened up all they will care about is reminiscing over photographs and having photographs of us together. One day it will be all they have. So my challenge to you is, when you book me to be your photographer for your children, Please be prepared to exist in your childrens memories so they too can reminiscence one day over the many means and forms of capturing beauty at LTP. My challenge to myself is to exist in my childrens photographs. I am begining a personal project on the 2nd June to have one portrait a week achieved over the course of 52 weeks (1 year) be that studio lifestyle or location. Stay tuned for those weekly Updates.



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Cake Smash & Splash

Newborn Child & Family Photographer in Lurgan Now offering Cake Smash & Splash

Here at ltp-capturing beauty, we have introduced a new package which allows you to celebrate your little ones first birthday. Cake Smash & Splash sessions are held at the studio in Lurgan and those beautiful memories are captured by Photographer Lindsey. Thats me! The session consists of a birthday Portrait before allowing your little one to enjoy a birthday cake by means of smashing it up and eating it. Which they all enjoy doing. Exploring new things with their hands and mouth is a new found favourite for them. After the messy bit is done they will enjoy a splash in the bath where they get to blow bubbles and have a nice warm bath. These sessions have become a huge hit in recent years so I’m happy I can now offer these. Cakes are included in the special offer. To book EMAIL CALL 07808227240.